Nutritional Advice

Eating for Wellbeing Consultations

In my consultations I want to empower you to choose to make healthy and realistic changes that serve your wellbeing. I intend on helping you to develop a interest in caring for your body, in eating well, enjoying physical movement and an appreciation of your healthier body that may result. 

Before our first face to face consultation I'll ask you to complete a 'This is me' questionnaire along with a sheet that represents 'What you eat, drink and your lifestyle elements'.

On the day, we meet! Together, we will go through your questionnaire where I can gather any extra information that's important; may that be, health concerns, lifestyle, medical history and your purpose for seeing me.

We will then chat food!! Your 'What you eat, drink and your lifestyle elements will help fuel our conversations. Before our consultation ends, I'll make sure we work together to plan some achievable and sustainable changes to your food habits.

The Initial Consultation
1½ hours

Following our consultation, I will put my investigator hat on and put together individualised guidance, based on your nutritional needs, lifestyle, meal preferences and healing intentions.


The guidance is explained in easy-to-understand terms that can enable you to make choices, leaving you feel confident with what to eat and how to incorporate my advice into your daily life. This could include referrals to other health care practitioners, exercise tips and possibly supplement recommendations. 

This will be emailed to you within 10 working days*

*Provided no further information is needed.

What happens after we meet?

Second consultation (30 minutes): We meet again, usually two to four weeks following your initial consultation, where we will review* and discuss your personalised nutrition guidance.

Follow-up consultations (30 minutes): These usually take place two to four weeks following any previous consultation. 

*These consultations allows us to review your experience and plan further food, lifestyle and meal ideas to get you closer to your healing intentions.

May that be; confirming your understanding, how you can take action, talk through recipes are but a few reasons. I want to empower you to manage your guidance, feeling equipped to manage your food choices with more confidence in nutrition and balance.

The Second Consultation
30 minutes

Initial consultation (60 mins) – £45

Second consultation (30 mins) – £30

Follow-up consultation (30 mins) – £30

How much does a Consultation cost?

Frequently asked questions...

How many consultations will I need?

Naturopathic Nutritional advice regularly requires ongoing support. The number of follow-ups may vary between clients. Subsequent appointments allow me to oversee your experience and make adjustments to the guidance in reflection to the changes you make. This will depend on the complexity of your current nutritional needs. Quite often a single consultation can be enough. Sometimes a follow-up session is needed, and occasionally a series of appointments might be required. My philosophy is that everyone is an individual, so each person’s needs will differ.

Where do we meet for a consultation?

Your home*

My home

Central location


*Reasonable distance from Honiton. I have an additional mileage charge for longer distances.

Can I message you after our consultation if I've got a small question to ask you?

Of course, I offer support outside of our scheduled appointments to a reasonable level at no extra cost. So please drop me an email and I'll see how I can help.

Book your consultation...

Healing looks different for everyone. Every 'body' is different. That's really important to remember. May that healing be, to feel more energised, to find the balance your body needs and repairing your relationship with food.

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I'm so excited to say that I'm a Naturopathic Nutritional Advisor.

Through the Natural Healthcare College, I studied the principles of healing the individual in an holistic approach. Looking for the causes, taking into account the presenting symptoms but looking at the bigger picture. I consider influences to health that may be coming from dietary, emotional and mental factors. This is the truly holistic approach to healing by treating everyone as an individual.

Thanks for your message. Keep a check your emails because I'll be in touch soon :)

What does holistic mean?

Holistic therapies embrace the belief that health is a balance, taking into account physical and environmental factors, our state emotionally and psychologically, what we eat and how much exercise we have.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic, natural, healthcare system that recognises the healing power of nature present in all living things.

As a teacher, I want our interactions to enable you to understand why the recommendations I make are likely to be beneficial. After all, we are all more likely to respond positively to something if we understand it and can apply to our own lives.