Naturopathic Nutritional Guidance

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Nutritional guidance with Emmy aims to support you to make healthy and realistic choices that serve your own wellbeing. By focusing on your personal nutrition, the advice given is to help you to develop an understanding of your own individual needs.

We consider how nutrients from food interact within your body, carefully considering food preferences, eating patterns, any medical history and life factors, like stress, in order to promote a natural balance and positive health outcomes.

Amazing bonuses in finding ways to eat well for you could include; cultivating a deeper awareness in caring for how your body feels, understanding nutrients and an appreciation of yourself that may result.

Wouldn't you like to have your own personalised guidance on what your body needs?




Nutritional guidance looks at how your diet and lifestyle may be impacting your health and what things you can do to help. 


Do you have low energy levels? Feel discomfort during or after eating?


Perhaps, you want to understand more about the principles of nutrition and feel confident using them?

During your initial consultation...

I'll get to know you, to find out where I can support you.

We'll see what's already working well and then plan some achievable and sustainable changes to your personal food journey to help you take steps; to know more about what you are eating. 

After we meet, you will receive your Personalised Nutrition Guidance* right to your inbox, which will include:

  • Written report based on an assessment of your current food choices, presenting symptoms (if applicable), medical history and lifestyle patterns

  • Learn how the principles of nutrition can be put into practice in your every day life with meals ideas based on your tastes, cooking confidence and time available 

  • Personal therapeutic recommendations 

Please get in touch if you would like help to achieve and/or maintain optimal health and well-being through diet and lifestyle.

*Allow 10-14 days to receive full report

Consultation: 1 hour 30 minutes

           Price: £45                       

Follow-up appointments

Follow up consultations: We meet, usually four to six weeks following your previous consultation, where we will review and discuss your Personalised Nutrition Guidance and how you're finding things.

Do I need a follow-up consultation?

Follow-up consultations usually are recommended in order to monitor progress and modify recommendations if required.

These consultations allows us to talk about your experience and plan further food, lifestyle and meal ideas to get you closer to your healing intentions.

Having someone to talk to and an appointment booked in can often be a great for accountability. 

Packages available, where appropriate, for longer term support.

These can be discussed on an individualised basis.

Consultation: 30 minutes

Price: £20

Mini Consultation


Do you want to chat about food? Perhaps you'd like a mini consultation to see if Nutritional Guidance could help you. 

Have you ever wanted someone's expert advice to find out a little more about how different food could support you?

Perhaps, help planning new meal ideas with nutritional balance, support to make something from scratch using wholesome ingredients from a new recipe?

Maybe, you want to try some plant based recipes and aren't sure where to start. Or need a little advice on supporting your body if you have a food intolerance.


Well, I'd like to offer some support by offering a mini consultation to try and make food a little less stressful. 

I'd love to chat food and you can talk to a real human (that's me) and get some advice.

Get in touch for a chat on the phone, on skype or in person too.

*Price can be redeemable off a Nutritional Consultation if booked following our chat. 

Mini Consultation: 20 minutes 

        Price: £10

Who can benefit from Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy can be of benefit for anyone who wants to review their current diet or are looking for  support with existing health problems, such as

  • Energy problems

  • Digestive complaints

  • Immune problems; including persistent colds 

  • Stress and related disorders

  • Food relationships


Nutritional therapy is suitable for people of all ages.

If you are interested in finding out how nutritional therapy might help you to achieve optimum health, contact Emmy for an initial chat on

07540 605441, or email

Why Naturopathic Nutrition?

Naturopathic Nutrition incorporates respect for the traditional naturopathic approach to nutritional therapy recognising that:

  • Individuals have a unique interaction with nutrients.

  • Food selection, preparation and eating is an healing art.

  • Whole foods are greater than the sum of their parts.


The practice of Naturopathic Nutrition may include appropriate recommendations and advice on:

  • Individually assessed nutritional advice.

  • Optimal food preparation.

  • Lifestyle recommendations to find a way of moving that makes you feel good.

  • Full and clear information that empowers and encourages each individual towards their own well-being.

How many Nutrition Consultations will I need?

Naturopathic Nutritional advice can require ongoing support. The number of follow-ups may vary between clients. Subsequent appointments allow me to oversee your experience and make adjustments to the guidance in reflection to the changes you make. This will depend on the complexity of your current nutritional needs. Quite often a single consultation can be enough. Sometimes a follow-up session is needed, and occasionally, a series of appointments might be required. My philosophy is that everyone is an individual, so each person’s needs will differ.


Where do we meet for a Nutrition, Follow-up or Mini Consultation?

Serendipity, Mind Body and Soul in Honiton High Street.

It is located right opposite a large public car park.

Other options are:
Skype or Facetime

Emails and messages


Can I message you after our Nutrition Consultation if I've got a question to

ask you?

Of course, I offer support outside of our scheduled appointments to a reasonable level at no extra cost. So please drop me an email and I'll see how I can help.

Do you provide Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegetarian and/or Vegan/plant based options?

Yes, of course. 

Send me a message to find out what would work best for you. 


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Thanks! Keep an eye on your emails because I'll be in touch soon.

Send me an email:

07540 605441

It's really important to remember that every 'body' is different. This is why healing looks different for everyone. May that healing be to feel more energised, to find the balance your body needs or to repair your relationship with food.