Naturopathic Nutritional Advice

I'd like to empower you, to guide you to make healthy and realistic choices that serve your own wellbeing. I intend on helping you to develop an interest in caring for your body, in eating well, enjoying physical movement and an appreciation of your healthier body that may result.


 You have your own tale to tell and the next part of your food journey starts here...

Nutrition Consultation

We all have our own story to tell and during our first session we will start to unravel your tale together.


Before we meet, it helps if you’ve spent some energy completing a ‘This is me’ questionnaire along with a sheet that represents 'What you eat, drink and lifestyle’.


We then plot your intentions and talk through food preferences, lifestyle and patterns throughout your life.

​We will of course chat about food!! Your 'What you eat, drink and lifestyle' page will help fuel our conversations.


Before our consultation ends, we'll see what's already working well and then plan some achievable and sustainable changes to your personal food journey.  

After we meet, you will receive your personalised wellbeing advice*.


*Allow 10-14 days.

**Subsequent sessions may vary depending on your individual needs.

Consultation: 90 - 115 minutes

Price: £45

Follow up appointments

Second consultation: We meet again, usually two to four weeks following your initial consultation, where we will review* and discuss your personalised nutrition guidance.

Follow-up consultations

These usually take place two to four weeks following any previous consultation. 

These consultations allows us to talk about your experience and plan further food, lifestyle and meal ideas to get you closer to your healing intentions.

This session could include confirming your understanding of your personalised nutrition guidance, planning further actions to take and talking through recipes. 

* Allow 7-10 days




Consultation: 30 minutes

Price: £20

Let's cook together online

Fancy having a lesson from the comfort of your own kitchen where we cook with wholesome ingredients. Perhaps you're just starting out on your food creating journey or already know a little but would like some guidance on plant based or gluten free or refined sugar free ways of cooking.


Then I'd like to invite you to create with me online.

Before the workshop, you will receive a choice of plant based recipes to choose from. 
Having chosen your favourite, we each get to go and get our ingredients and then meet online.

We'll cook together but be in our own kitchens.


I offer this type of workshop to individuals or small groups of any age.

Let's change what a cooking workshop looks like!​

Check out Emmy Creates to get some food inspiration.

Get in touch to talk your personalised workshop.
Price: starts from £40*.

Mini Consultation

Changing the way you see food isn't easy but in searching for some advice, you are already on the that path. There's some confusing messages out there about food and it would be great to just talk to a real human (that's me) and get some advice.


Have you ever wanted someone's advice to help navigate your way through planning new meal ideas, to make something from scratch using wholesome ingredients from a new recipe or even find out a little more about how different food could support you?

Perhaps you want to try some plant based recipes and aren't sure where to start. Or need a little advice on supporting your body if you have a food intolerance.


Well, I'd like to offer some support by offering a mini consultation to  make food a little less stressful. 

Get in touch for some help...

15 minute mini consultation

Price: £10

Why Naturopathic Nutrition? 
Naturopathic Nutrition incorporates respect for the traditional naturopathic approach to nutritional therapy recognising that:

  • Individuals have a unique interaction with nutrients.

  • Food selection, preparation and eating is an healing art.

  • Whole foods are greater than the sum of their parts.


The practice of Naturopathic Nutrition may include appropriate recommendations and advice on:

  • Individually assessed nutritional advice.

  • Optimal food preparation.

  • Lifestyle recommendations to find a way of moving that makes you feel good.

  • Full and clear information that empowers and encourages each individual towards their own well-being.

How many Nutrition Consultations will I need?

Naturopathic Nutritional advice can require ongoing support. The number of follow-ups may vary between clients. Subsequent appointments allow me to oversee your experience and make adjustments to the guidance in reflection to the changes you make. This will depend on the complexity of your current nutritional needs. Quite often a single consultation can be enough. Sometimes a follow-up session is needed, and occasionally a series of appointments might be required. My philosophy is that everyone is an individual, so each person’s needs will differ.

Where do we meet for a Nutrition, Follow-up  or Mini Consultation?

Skype or Facetime

Emails and messages

Can I message you after our Nutrition Consultation if I've got a question to ask you?

Of course, I offer support outside of our scheduled appointments to a reasonable level at no extra cost. So please drop me an email and I'll see how I can help.

Do you also provide Vegan recipe options for your cooking workshops?

Yes, of course. 

Get in touch to find out how we can do this together...
Send me a quick message to find out what would work best for you. 


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Send me an email:

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It's really important to remember that every 'body' is different. This is why healing looks different for everyone. May that healing be to feel more energised, to find the balance your body needs or to repair your relationship with food.

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