The Best Pizza Dough

Pizza is a staple in so many houses and fills the soul with happiness. It certainly does in my house. It's eaten all over the world in so many households and those who've visited Italy will know that their freshly made pizza's are divine. Step back to England, there's no Italian chef waiting in my kitchen to make one for me and there's certainly no plant based, gluten free options in the shops that I want to buy..... Have you ever thought about what's in your pizza dough, where are the ingredients sourced? I made it my mission to make a pizza dough that was made from nutritious flours that make my tummy happy. This means for me it's plant based, gluten free, dairy free anddddd refine sugar free but really, it's are just made of WHOLESOME ingredients! So before making any excuses, I implore you to get down to your local shop, grab the ingredients and get creating.

This recipe ticks so many boxes.

It's yummy, simple and can be made ahead of time too.

Get your kids involved in the making their own dough, rolling out their base and adding their own toppings. Great for adult gathering or kids parties. This dough is transportable.

Serves: 2 adult pizza bases (it's super filling)