Since 2016 I have shared my foodie creations in lots of different ways; on social media, cooking with friends or just talking about food. You'll find me in my little kitchen, finding ways to incorporate whole foods in a plant based way of eating and I want to share my creations with you. Through the simple and delicious recipes I make, I hope you may also discover a world of nourishing ideas.  

It just turns out that all I want to do is tell everyone the incredible things I learn about food and I truly believe everyone should know more. We aren't taught enough about this! 

My recipes consist mainly (like, 99%) of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds and when it's possible, I eat almost entirely organic food. I don't want to fix what I do with a label ... I'm a person that eats! 

Let's think about food differently.

Emmy x



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A little bit about me ...
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Each day I make it my mission to do something a little creative. I love being in the kitchen exploring new ways to make nourising recipes or you'll find me outside, on my yoga mat, writing stories, dancing to bands, reading or riding my horse.                                  Read More


Email: emmycreates@hotmail.com 

Phone: 07540 605441

Location: Devon

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