Wild Garlic and Kale Pesto

It's wild garlic season!! These tasty plants are in season from March to June and the edible leaves and flowers add a gentle garlic flavour to soups, salads, pasta and pesto!

It's a wonderful plant to try your hand at foraging because this perennial can easily be identified and grows in abundance so is generally acceptable to pick a small amount responsibly. Wild Garlic prefers to grow in shady, damp conditions in woodlands and forests. The long and pointed green leaves grow in dense clumps, carpeting the woodland floor and around mid-spring they begin to bloom delicate white flowers. The flowers are edible and look pretty when added to dishes. Always make sure you can positively identify any plant before you pick it and never eat any plant if your unsure. Only gather small amounts, leaving plenty for wildlife and other foragers, avoid damaging or disturbing the area and leave it as you find it apart from a handful of leaves.