Looking after you

Updated: May 4, 2019

What‘s something you do that’s just for you?

Perhaps you snuggle up with a good book, go and do something exercisey, soak in the bath, go for a walk...

How many times a year, month, week or hopefully day do you do it?

How does it make you feel? Warm, happy, calm, giggly, energised, supported?

In our busy worlds it can be tricky to do. That’s ok, for a bit. Getting swept away with jobs, children, lists and the have-tos, or as I like to call them get-tos (more on that in another post), can be really easy. Even though we get to do all of those things it’s really important not to take your mind and body for granted.

Your world could be different if it’s filled with a little something that makes your heart happy. When we feel happy, we have a smile on our face, we talk to people differently, we find things easier to handle and we’re being good role models to our children. They learn from us. From our guidance, teaching, opportunities and our actions. Children seeing how you really look after yourself could be really powerful.


I’d like to ask you to take in a really deep breath, hold it and then breathe out slowly. As you breathe out notice how your body relaxes.

For me, I feel my shoulders relax (its amazing how tense they can get), my head becomes a little clearer, I notice how my body moved with the breath and how I’d connected with the moment and I’m able to focus with a little more positivity.

This always helps me to pause and to check back in with me when I realise I haven’t stopped or before I’m headed into something tricky or even just waking up and realising I’m here.

I would really love for everyone to know that doing you things are really important.

If you find putting you first just a little bit hard, then this might help. Just imagine you were looking after a mini you, what would you say to them, where would you take them, how would you make sure they were ok?

My biggest way of loving me is by creating food. I put on some music and end up being in my own little meditative world. Knowing what I’m fuelling myself with wholesome food, the love and intentions that I give when making it fills up my tummy and my happiness.

So, what could you do today that looks after you? If you’d like to share them please feel free to share them with your friends, your family and even me.

Happy creating you moments,

Emmy x

p.s. Perhaps try this breathing flow with your kiddies and see how it feels for them.