Self Love

Spending a little time focusing on what makes my heart sing. Creating 💖

Self love is so important on every level, looking after the whole of me. Our physical, emotional, energetic and mental bodies all need just as much kindness as each other.

Isn’t the mind an interesting part of us all. In our conscious mind we are capable of creating powerful thoughts that our subconscious dutifully listens too. We have the power to create how we experience life around us, mixed in with our emotions, reactions and what we’ve learnt from our past. I’ve been sitting with my thoughts and watching them come in and then I’ve noticed some of the things I tend to do with them. Most of the time that’s positive and loving. And other times I could have a little more self-compassion.

But, because of that innate need to be ‘ok’ I can find myself listening to those robotic negative thoughts and let them change what I do because of something I’ve previously learnt or wish for something to be.

I tend to come back to my breath and sit in the now rather than what has been or what might come. Ignoring those little critters that like to pop in and criticise or run a muck and asking them to kindly bugger off.

Sometimes, I don’t notice the critters and that means I can overthink things. Listening and believing them to be true and then find things to do before I do that thing I really needed to do or become quiet because being quiet is easier and safe.

Perhaps I can be a little worried of what others might say or perhaps I don’t like it when things are wrong. Those things I can be a little more mindful of, to take a moment before carrying on a movie trailer of my life and watch how I handle them without the judgement.

Today I let that go. The little critters that stop me taking that next risk or accepting that not everyone has to be ok because everyone is also on their own journey too.

On a physical level I’ve made myself a wholesome pie with some wedges. I’ve created and played with videoing the recipe and spent time reflecting on my emotional needs.

Later I am dedicating the time to stretch and strengthen my muscles, relaxing my mind as I come to my yoga mat. I am blessed to have a body that looks after me, carries me everywhere and I appreciate what it does for me as my soul grows. Showing me where I resist life, where I hold on to pain, where harbour past niggles

All of this stemmed from the above picture. It’s amazing what happens when you sit down to write.

What things do you guys do to bring a little self love your way?

Love and kindness,

Emmy x


I spent time on my mat and it was exactly what I needed :)